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本文摘要:文 | 季益广在下列句子的空格处填上一个恰当的英语单词。

文 | 季益广在下列句子的空格处填上一个恰当的英语单词。1. There’s nothing ___ we can do here. Let’s go home.这里没有我们的事了。

咱们回家吧。2. Have you ever been ___ Japan.你去过日本吗?3. I have been to ___ several times.我去过德国频频。

4. Where are you ___?你要去哪儿?5. We’re going to ___ this summer.我们夏天要去加拿大。6. Dinah went ___ the kitchen.黛娜走进厨房。7. She went ___ and put her arm around him.她走已往伸手搂住他。

8. I’m going ___ to her house to find out what’s wrong.我准备到她家去看看出什么事了。9. I’ll just go ___ and ask him what he wants.我这就上楼去问问他要什么。10. It took us over an hour to ___ ten miles.十英里路我们用了一个多小时。11. The car was going ___ too fast.这车开得太快了。

12. We went a different ___ from usual that day.那天我们走的是宁静常差别的路。13. It’ll be ___ to go by train.乘火车会快一点。

14. ___ wash your hands.洗手去。15. I went and spoke to the manager.我去找司理谈过了。16. The plate went ___ to the floor.盘子哗啦一声掉在地板上。

17. The bullet went ___ over my head.子弹从我头顶飞过。18. John went ___ off down the corridor.约翰沿走廊飞驰而去。

19. ___ you going to Manuela’s party?你去到场曼纽拉的派对吗?20. I first went to a ___ concert when I was 15.我15岁时第一次去听了摇滚音乐会。21. He doesn’t go to the synagogue ___ days.他最近不去犹太教徒做星期了。

22. What time does the ___ train go?最后一班火车什么时候开?23. Right, ___ go.好了,我们走吧!24. She turned ___ go.她转身走了。25. It’s late! I must get ___.已经晚了!我得走了。

26. Let’s go ___ a walk.我们去散步吧。27. I need ___ go shopping this afternoon.今天下午我得去购物。28. My parents are going ___ a cruise.我怙恃要去搭船游览。

29. I’m going to tell Dad ___ you said.我要把你的话说给爸爸听。30. He looked as if he ___ going to cry.他那样子似乎要哭了。

31. It’s going ___ rain later.一会儿要下雨了。32. The road goes through the ___ of the forest.这条路从森林中间穿过。33. The belt won’t go ___ my waist.这条腰带太短了,我系不上。

34. The company went ___ last year.公司去年破产了。35. The bread’s gone ___.面包已经发霉了。36. Her hair is starting to ___.她的头发开始变白了。

37. He went ___ and tried to kill her.他疯了,想把她杀掉。38. The crowd was going ___ with excitement.人群欣喜若狂。39. How did your French test ___?你的法语考得怎么样?40. The party went ___.派对举行得很顺利。

41. Everything’s going ___ at the moment.现在一切希望顺利。42. I feel very encouraged by the ___ things are going.事情的生长让我很有信心。43. Many industries have been forced to ___ jobs and it looks like the electronics industry is going the same way.许多行业被迫裁员,电子行业看来也是如此。

44. ‘Hi Jane, How’s ___ going?’ ‘Fine, thanks.’“嗨,简, 你好吗?” “很好,谢谢你。”45. Where do the plates ___?这些盘子放在那里?46. The book goes ___ the top shelf.这本书放在书架顶层。47. I don’t think ___ that will go in the suitcase.我以为行李箱放不下全部的工具。48. The email went ___ everyone in the company.这封电子邮件发给了公司里的每一小我私家。

49. Complaints must go ___ the proper channels.必须通过正当的渠道投诉。50. Many families are ___ to go hungry.许多人家被迫忍饥受饿。51. All my letters went ___.我写的信都没有收到回复。

52. He hoped that his nervousness would go ___. 他希望没有人注意到他的紧张。53. The preparations have been completed and we’re ___ to go.预备事情已经完成,我们可以开始了。54. Generally the action doesn’t get ___ until after midnight.一般都是半夜以后才开始热闹起来。

55. I’m going to get going ___ the decorating next week.我计划下个星期开始装修。56. My watch ___ going.我的手表停了。57. I couldn’t ___ the pump going.我没法让水泵事情起来。

58. She went like this ___ her hand.她的手这样动着。59. I asked her what she ___ and she just went, “Don’t ask!”我问她是什么意思,她只是说,“别问了!”60. The balloon suddenly went ___.气球突然砰的一声爆了。61. It’s a secret, so don’t go ___ everyone.这是秘密,所以不要随处和别人说。

62. Kay’s ___ and lost the car keys!凯竟然把车钥匙弄丢了。63. Only ten days to go ___ Christmas!离圣诞节只有十天了。

64. Laura’s ___ six exams and has two more to go.劳拉已考了六门考试,还要考两门。65. Only another five miles ___ to go.只需再走五英里就到了。66. Two chicken dinners with ___ to go.两份鸡块套餐加玉米,带走。

67. ‘John and Clare having children?’ ‘Don’t go ___!’ “约翰和克莱尔计划要孩子?”“别说这事!”68. ‘What ___ the two of them…?’ ‘Don’t even go there!’“他们俩要是……”“别说了!”69. The argument goes like ___.论点是这样的。70. We need to ‘spread a little happiness’, as the song ___.我们需要“散播一些幸福”, 就像歌词里唱的那样。71. The story goes that my grandfather saved his ___captain’s life in battle.听说我祖父在战斗中救了他的上尉的一命。

72. A bell goes to ___ the end of each class.每堂课铃响就表现下课。73. There you go again, ___ to conclusions.你又来了,马虎地下结论。74. Has your headache gone ___?你头痛好了吗?75. The door was open and all his things had ___.门开着,他所有的工具都没了。

76. Dad’s eyesight is ___ to go.爸爸的视力开始下降。77. I’d forgotten that. My ___ must be going.我把那事给忘了,我一定是脑子坏了。78. Phil’s ___ charge, and what he says goes.菲尔是卖力人,他说了算。79. The bulb’s ___ in the bathroom.卫生间的灯泡坏了。

80. My jeans are starting to go ___ the knee.我的牛仔裤膝盖处泛起磨损了。81. Now that his wife’s gone, he’s all ___ his own.妻子走了,他孑立一人。82. When I go, I’d like to have my ashes ___ at sea.我死后想把骨灰撒到大海里。

83. I don’t know ___ all my money goes!我不知道我的钱都花到那里去了。84. Half her salary goes on the ___.她的人为一半花在房租上。85. A house like this would go ___ $250,000.像这样的屋子可以卖25万美元。86. The jewels will go to the highest ___.这些珠宝将卖给出价最高的人。

87. He bought me some CDs ___ were going cheap.他给我买了一些降价的唱片。88. I’ll give you $500 for it but I can’t go ___ higher than that.我出价500美元,但不能给得更高了。89. I think we could probably go ___ $15,000.我想我们或许可以出到15,000美元。90. The day seemed to go ___ slowly.那一天似乎过得很慢。

91. Well, there goes my chance of ___!唉,我的成名时机泡汤了!92. It just goes to show how much people ___ each other by appearances.这正好说明人们在多大水平上是以貌取人的。93. Are there any jobs going ___ the café?咖啡馆里有什么事情吗?94. I’ll take that if it’s going ___.这个多出来的话我就拿了。

95. I don’t think pink and yellow really ___.我以为粉红色和黄色不是很配。96. Do you think this shirt will go ___ the skirt I bought.你以为这件衬衫和我买的裙子配吗?97. Pork and apple go ___ well together.猪肉和苹果一起吃味道特别好。

98. As marriages go, it certainly wasn’t ___.婚姻像这个样子固然不算枯燥乏味。99. We’re going all ___ for victory in this afternoon’s game.我们将拼尽全力赢得下午的这场角逐。100. The company will be going all out to improve ___ last year’s sales.公司将全力以赴,争取创下比去年更好的销售业绩。

101. It’s a town that’s ___ a lot going for it.这个小镇有许多吸引人的地方。102. So ___ do you think we should go from here?那么你说接下去我们该怎么办呢?103. Going forward, we will increase our ___ on customer service.以后我们将越发注重客户服务。

104. He was becoming an ___ to the government and had to go.他成了政府的羞耻,只好下台。105. If Jill goes, who will take her ___?如果吉尔走了,谁来接替她呢?106. The policies will have to go if the party is ___ win the next election.该党若要在下届选举中获胜,这些政策必须破除。107. A hundred jobs are expected to go following the ___.合并之后100个职位就会没有了。

108. I want to learn German but I don’t know the best way to go ___ it.我想学德语,但我不知道怎么样学最好。109. The leaflet tells you how to go about ___ a will.小册上写明晰如何立遗嘱。110. The villagers were going about their ___ as usual.村民们像往常一样各自忙碌着。

111. She went about her preparations in a quiet ___ way.她安平静静,认认真真地做着准备。112. Joe went after her to make sure she was ___.乔去追她,确保她没有受伤。113. I can’t decide whether to go after the job ___ not.我决议不了要不要去争取这份事情。

114. This goes against everything I’ve been brought ___ to believe in.这和我小时候所接受的教育南辕北辙。115. I often have to make decisions that go against the ___.我经常得作出违心的决议。116. She was ___ to go against her father’s wishes.她不敢违背父亲的愿望。117. His lawyer hinted that the case might go ___ him.他的状师表示他可能败诉。

118. The ___ went against the government.投票效果对政府倒霉。119. They’ve decided to go ___ with plans to build 50 new houses on the site.他们决议开始计划,在这个地块上新建50栋住宅。120. I went ahead and arranged the trip ___.不管怎么样,我开始摆设这次旅行的事情了。

121. A judge has ___ that the music festival can go ahead.法官作出裁决,音乐节可以举行。122. ‘Do you mind if I open the window?’ ‘___, go ahead.’“我开窗户你介意吗?”“没关系,开吧。”123. If you want to leave, go ___ ahead.如果你想走,那就走吧。

124. You go ahead and we’ll ___ you up later.你先走,我们随后就遇上来。125. He stood back to let Sue go ahead ___ him.他往后靠让休先走。126. Dulwich went ahead ___ 22 minutes. 22分钟以后达利奇领先了。127. He was ___ the story up as he went along.他一边讲着故事,一边往下编。


128. I never had ___ training, I just learned the job as I went along.我从来没有受过正规的训练,这个事情我是边干边学的。129. I might go along ___ the meeting tonight.我可能到场今天晚上的集会。130. Things ___ to be going along nicely.似乎一切希望顺利。

131. I would be happy to go along ___ the idea.我乐意支持这个看法。132. Often it was easier to go along with her rather than ___ an argument.一般都是顺着她比力好,省得发生争吵。

133. You can’t go around ___ people like that.你不能总是那样随便指责别人。134. He goes around ___ a T-shirt even in winter.哪怕是冬天他也只穿一件T恤。135. He had a bad ___ of the flu virus that was going around.流感病毒在流传,他也染上了。136. There are a lot of nasty ___ going around the school.学校里有许多讨厌的病菌在流传。

137. A rumor was going around that I was having an ___ with my boss.谣言四起,说我和老板有染。138. There was a lot of ___ going around the village.村子里蜚语蜚语许多。139. I used to go around with a bad ___.我已往常和一伙不三不四人在外面厮混。140. Is there enough ice cream to go ___?冰淇淋够分吗?141. There were never ___ textbooks to go around.教科书从来都不够用。

142. That stupid song kept going around in my ___.那首愚蠢的歌曲一直萦绕在我的脑海里。143. The two dogs went ___ each other.两条狗在相互撕咬着。144. Mary went at the task ___ great enthusiasm.玛丽满腔热情地干起了这项事情。

145. I went away ___ if I’d said the wrong thing.我走开了,想着我是否说错了话。146. Are you going ___ this year?你今年要外出度假吗?147. We’re going away ___ the weekend.我们要出去过周末。

148. He’s going away ___ college next year.他明年要去上大学了。149. I’m going away ___ a business trip next week.我下个星期要去出差。150. ___ the crime problem won’t make it go away.对犯罪问题视而不见并不会使其自行消失。

151. I think we ___ to go back now.我想我们现在应该回去了。152. I felt so ___ I just wanted to go back to bed.我感应很恶心,只想回去睡觉。

153. I had to go back ___ my passport.我只好回去拿护照。154. I realized that ___ the baby was born there would be no going back.我意识到,一旦有了孩子,就回不到从前了。

155. It’s a tradition ___ goes back at least 100 years.这个传统至少可上溯到100年前。156. The building goes back ___ Roman times.这个修建物可以追溯到古罗马时代。157. Peter and I go ___ 25 years.我和彼得有25年的友爱了。158. We go back a long ___.我们是多年的老朋侪了。

159. If you go back 20 years, most people didn’t ___ a computer.20年前,大多数人没有电脑。160. I’d like to go back to the point that was ___ earlier.我想重申前面讲过的一点。161. Delors claimed that the President had gong back on his ___.德洛尔声称总统违背了信誉。162. He went back to ___.他又入睡了。

163. He went back to ___ TV.她又继续看电视了。164. In some ways this program improves on ___ has gone before.这个法式在有些方面比以前有了革新。165. The case will go ___ the court.这个案子将在法庭审理。166. The proposal is ___ to go before the committee.这个天可能会提交给委员会讨论。

167. Their relationship had gone ___ friendship.他们已经超出了朋侪关系。168. This goes beyond all ___ of acceptable behavior.这是绝对不允许的行为。

169. Things will get ___ as time goes by.随着时间已往,情况会好起来的。170. As the weeks went by, I became more and more ___.一周又一周已往了,我越来越担忧。171. Hardly a week goes by ___ some food scare being reported in the media.媒体上险些每周都有食物恐慌的报道。

172. These herbs would have been grown for medicinal ___ in days gone by.以前这些香草可能是看成药材来种的。173. You can’t always go by ___.你不能总是以貌取人。174. If his past plays are ___ to go by, this should be a play worth watching.照她以往的剧作来看,这出戏应该是值得一看的。175. Only a fool goes by the ___ all the same.只有傻瓜才会什么时候都循规蹈矩的。

176. There was no doubt that the referee had gone by the ___.毫无疑问,评判员是严格根据角逐规则来判的。177. His income went ___ last year.去年他的收入淘汰了。178. Computers have gone down ___ price.电脑价钱下跌了。179. Spending has gone down ___ 2%.支出淘汰了2%。

180. This neighborhood has really gone down in the ___ few years.这个街区最近几年大不如前了。181. His suggestion did not go ___ very well.他的建议没有获得很好的回声。182. The movie went down very well ___ America.这部影片在美国深受好评。

183. The speech went down a ___ with members.这个演说在会员中反映很好。184. The idea went down like a ___ balloon.这个想法没有获得大家的响应。

185. I’m not ___ hungry so a salad would go down nicely.我不是很饿,来一份色拉就够了。186. We’re going ___ to Bournemouth for the weekend.我们计划去伯恩茅斯度周末。187. He’s gone down to the store to ___ some milk.他去商店买牛奶了。188. Does anyone want to go down the ___ tonight?今天晚上有谁想去酒吧吗?189. Ten men died ___ the ship went down.船沉了,十人遇难。

190. An emergency ___ was received shortly before the plane went down.坠机前不久收到过紧迫呼救。191. The swelling will go down if you ___ your foot.让腿休息休息,肿胀就会消失。

192. Your tire’s ___ down.你的轮胎瘪了。193. The talks went down as a ___ in the peace process.这频频谈判成了宁静历程中的一个里程碑。194. The carnival will go down in ___ as one of the best ever.这次狂欢节将作为有史以来最精彩的一次为后人称道。

195. The Hawkers went ___ 5-9.鹰队以5比9落败。196. The government went down ___ 71 votes.政府以71票失利。197. Liverpool went down ___ Juventus.利物浦队输给了尤文图斯队。

198. United went down to the second ___.联队降为乙级。199. If one of the file servers went down, you ___ the whole network.文件服务器只要有一个瘫痪,整个网络就不能用了。200. The light went down and the curtain rose on an ___ stage.灯光暗下来,帷幕升起,露出空荡荡的舞台。

201. The wind had gone down but the night had turned ___.风小了,可是夜更冷了。202. He went down ___ five years.他在牢里蹲了五年。203. He’s the guy ___ knows what’s going down.他是那种消息灵通的人。204. Half the team had gone down ___ flu.队里一半的人都患了流感。

205. The dog suddenly went ___ me.那条狗突然向我扑来。206. Jackson is going ___ his second gold medal here.杰克逊在争取拿到在这里角逐的第二块金牌。207. If you really want the job, go for ___!.如果你真的想要那份事情,那就好好争取吧!208. I think I’ll go for ___ chocolate cake.我想我就选巧克力蛋糕吧。

209. A ___ meal for less than five bucks! I could go for that!一顿丰盛的饭菜连五美元都不到!我要了!210. Annie ___ to go for older men.安妮一贯喜欢年长的男子。211. Close all the doors and lock them when you go out. The ___ goes for windows.出去的时候要关上并锁好所有的门,窗子也一样。212. I go___ for all the competitions.我什么角逐都到场。

213. I never really went in ___ sports.我对体育运动从来都不是很感兴趣。214. I suppose I could go in for ___.我想我可以从事广告行业。215. Ellie’s going in ___ a friend who’s just started a café.爱莉计划和一位刚开了一间咖啡馆的朋侪合资。216. I always wanted to go ___ nursing. 我一直在想从事照顾护士事情。

217. She’s thinking of ___ into business.她在思量去做生意。218. Years of research have ___ into this book.这本书记载了作者多年研究的心得。219. A great deal of time and effort has gone into ensuring that the event ___ smoothly.为了确保运动顺利举行,大量的时间和精神已投入其中。220. I don’t want to go into the ___ now.我现在不想详谈这件事。

221. I don’t want to go into ___ now.我现在不想细谈。222. Go into your D ___.打开你的D盘。

223. She went into ___ at midnight and the baby was born at 8 am.她半夜开始临盆,早上8点孩子出生。224. The company went into ___.这家公司停业清盘了。

225. His car went into a lamppost in the ___ street.他的车子撞上了大街的路灯柱。226. 12 goes into 60 five ___.60除以12得5.227. The plane had gone into a ___ descent.飞机已经开始陡降。

228. John decided to go off ___ his own.约翰决议自己一小我私家走。229. He went off to work ___ usual.他和往常一样去上班。230. Geoff went ___ to play golf.杰夫去打高尔夫球了。

231. The ___ went off at 6.30 this morning.炸弹在今晨6时30分爆炸。232. Fireworks were going off all ___ the city.城里随处在燃放烟花。233. The gun went off and the bullet went flying ___ his head.枪响了,子弹从他头上飞过。234. The thieves ran away when the ___ went off.警报器一响,小偷就逃走了。

235. I’ve ___ the alarm clock to go off at 7 am.我把闹钟设在早上7点。236. Many women go off ___ during pregnancy.许多女性有身时不再喝咖啡。237. I’ve gone off ___ lately.我最近对做饭不感兴趣了。

238. The central ___ goes off at 9 o’clock.中央供暖系统9点钟停开。239. Suddenly, all the lights went ___.霎时间,所有的灯都熄灭了。

240. The party went off very ___.派对开得很顺利。241. There was a blazing ___ going off next door.隔邻吵得正凶。

242. The milk’s ___ off.牛奶坏了。243. I’d just gone off to sleep ___ the phone rang.我刚入睡,电话铃响了。244. He’s a singer whose ___ had gone off in recent years.他是一名迩来才气已尽的歌手。

245. She’s gone off ___ her husband’s best friend. 她跟她丈夫最好的朋侪跑了。246. ___ gone off with my pen?谁拿走了我的钢笔?247. He went ___ working until he was 91.他一直事情到91岁。248. One of the actors was ___ and couldn’t go on with the performance.其中一名演员身体不适,不能继续演出。

249. I can’t go on like this ___ much longer.像这样子我支撑不了多久。250. The noise goes on 24 hours ___ day.噪音一天24小时不用停。

251. The screaming went ___ and on.尖啼声连续了良久。252. I don’t know ___ going on.我不知道发生了什么事情。253. What were the children doing ___ all this was going on?这一切发生时孩子们都在干什么?254. Like all good ___, there is plenty going on.和所有的旅游胜地一样,这里也很是热闹。

255. She went on to become a successful ___.她厥后成为一名乐成的外科医生。256. Go on to the ___ question when you’ve finished.做完后接着做下一道题。257. Go ___, I’m listening.接着说呀,我在听呢。

258. ‘But,’ he went on, ‘we have to deal with the problems we’re ___.’“可是,”他接着说,“我们必须解决现在面临的问题。”259. After a short ___ Maria went on with her story.玛利亚停顿了一会儿,又接着讲她的故事。260. Go on, have ___ piece of cake.来吧,再吃一块蛋糕。

261. ‘Are you sure you ___ have another drink?’ ‘Oh, go on then.’“你真的不再来一杯吗?”“噢,那就再来一杯吧。”262. ‘Can I go outside, Dad?’ ‘ Yeah, go on ___.’“我能出去吗,爸爸?”“行,你去吧。”263. Police haven’t much to go on in their ___ for the killer.警方手中追查凶手的线索不多。

264. The heat goes on ___ at 6 o’clock.6点开始自动供暖。265. As time went on, I grew ___ of him.随着时间的推移,我逐步开始喜欢他了。266. The way she’s going on, she’ll have a ___ breakdown.她这样下去精神会瓦解的。

267. Nancy must be going ___ for 60.南希肯定快60岁了。268. She’s one of those ___ teenagers who’s 16 going on 70.她是那种少年迈成的智慧女孩,16岁的人似乎有70岁的见识。

269. Bill went on in the car and I followed ___ foot.比尔坐车先走,我步行跟在后面。270. I really like Clare but she ___ go on.我很喜欢克莱尔,不外她太爱唠叨了。271. I got ___ of him going on about all her problems.他没完没了讲她的种种问题,我都挺烦了。272. He just went on and ___ about his new girlfriend.他一个劲地讲他的新女友。

273. The way she went on, you would have thought it was all my ___.她如此数落指责,你会以为一切都是我的错。274. Stop going on ___ me!别再数落我了!275. My wife’s always going on at me to ___ better.我妻子总是唠叨,要我穿得好些。276. He’s always going on at me ___ fixing the door.他总是缠着要我修门。

277. Have you got enough money to be going on ___?你现在钱够用吗?278. Are you going ___ tonight?你今晚要出去吗?279. We went out for a meal and then ___ to a movie.我们出去吃了饭,然后又看了一场影戏。280. Liam goes out ___ every Friday.利亚姆每个星期五都出去喝酒。

281. Can I go out to ___ now?我现在可以出去玩吗?282. You should go out and ___ some fresh air?你应该出去呼吸一下新鲜空气。283. They’ve been going ___ for two years now.他们谈恋爱已经两年了。

284. Tina used to go out ___ my brother.蒂娜以前和我哥哥谈过恋爱。285. How long have been going out ___?你们俩来往有多长时间了?286. Suddenly the candle went ___.蜡烛突然熄灭了。287. The programme goes out ___ at 5 o’clock on Mondays.这个节目每周一5点现场直播。

288. The magazine goes out ___ all members at the end of the month.杂志会于月底寄给所有会员。289. He went out ___ the first round.他第一轮就被淘汰了。290. They are looking for ___ to go out to Saudi Arabia.他们在寻找照顾护士人员到沙特阿拉伯去。

291. Hats like that went out ___ ago.那样的帽子早就不盛行了。292. This kind of entertainment went out with the ___.这种娱乐老掉牙了。293. The appeal went out for food and ___.呼吁招呼民众提供食品和药品。294. Our ___ go out to the victim’s family.我们很是同情受害者的家人。

295. March went out with ___ winds and rain.3月份在劲风暴雨中竣事。296. I had gone over and over ___ happened in my mind.发生了这一切,我在心里想了又想。

297. In the competition, the judge goes over each dog and assesses ___.角逐中,评委仔细检查每一条狗,给它们评分。298. Once again I went over ___ what I needed to say.我把要说的话又一字不差地重复了一遍。299. That kind of salesman ___ doesn’t go over very well with the scientists.那种推销的说辞,科学家是不会相信的。

300. We’re going ___ to the White House for an important announcement.我们把镜头切换到白宫,收看一则重要通告的公布。301. They went over to a ___ computerized records system.他们改用电子化的档案系统。302. When you’re going through a crisis, it often helps to ___ to someone.遇到危机的时候,找小我私家说说往往很有资助。

303. He’s going through a ___ at the moment.现在他正履历仳离的变故。304. It is devastating for a parent to watch a child go through a ___.看着孩子履历痛苦会让怙恃心碎。305. Candidates must go through a ___ of selection.候选人必须经由筛选。306. Caterpillars go through several ___ of growth.毛虫要履历好几个生长阶段。

307. We went through five ___ of milk last week.我们上个星期用了五品脱牛奶。308. He accepted the ___ and the deal went through.他接受了这个报价,生意成交了。309. The sale of the land went ___.土地买卖成交了。

310. Let’s go through the whole ___ again, from the beginning.我们重新开始在排演一遍吧。311. Dave went through his pockets ___ for the keys.戴夫翻遍了衣袋找钥匙。

312. ___ officers went through all my bags.海关官员检查了我所有的旅行袋。313. We’ll go through the details later ___.我们稍后再讨论细节。

314. Do you want me to go through this and ___ your spellings?你要我把这通读一遍,帮你检查拼写吗?315. He bravely went through with the wedding ceremony even ___ he was in a lot of pain. 他虽然疼痛万分,但还是以惊人的毅力坚持到婚礼竣事。316. I had no choice but ___ go through with it.我没有此外选择,只有坚持到底。

317. I ___ down and went to sleep.我躺下来睡觉了。318. Britain and Germany ___ to war in 1939. 1939年,英国和德国开战。

319. All the money ___ will go to local charities.召募的所有钱款都将捐给当地的慈善机构。320. Alcohol ___ and eating disorders often go together.酗酒往往陪同着饮食紊乱。321. The money will go ___ a new hospice.这笔钱将用于支付新建临终安养院的部门用度。

322. All money raised will go towards ___ the building.所筹资金都将用于支付修缮大楼的部门款子。323. More than 7,000 businesses have gone ___ in the last three months.在已往三个月里有7,000多家公司倒闭。

324. The Titanic ___ went under.“泰坦尼克”号最后还是淹没了。325. She went under, ___ and spluttering.她身子往下沉,边咳嗽边呼呼地吐气。326. Train ___ have gone up.火车票涨价了。

327. Blood-sugar levels go up as you ___ food.消化食物的时候血糖会上升。328. Unemployment in the country has gone up ___ a million.海内的失业人数增加了100万。

329. Spending ___ research went up from $426 to $461 million.研究用度从4.26亿美元增加到了4.61亿美元。330. It ___ a lovely place before all these new houses went up.在这些新屋子盖起来之前,这儿原来是一个很漂亮的地方。331. He had ___ the gas on and the whole kitchen went up.他没有关煤气,整个厨房都烧起来了。

332. The whole building went up in ___.整座大楼燃起了熊熊大火。333. A great ___ went up from the audience.观众发作出热烈的欢呼声。334. We’re going up to ___ next weekend.我们下个周末要去苏格兰。335. He went up to the farm to ___ some eggs.他上农场去拿些鸡蛋。

336. When the lights went up at the end of the ___, we began to leave the theater.演出竣事后灯光明起的时候,我们开始脱离剧院。337. The house goes ___ the job.这份事情提供住房。

338. He had fame, money, and everything ___ goes with it.他有名有利,另有名利所带来的一切。339. Responsibility ___ with becoming a father.当了父亲也就有了责任。

340. ___ health often goes with poverty.疾病经常与贫穷相伴。341. Let’s go with John’s ___ proposal.我们听从约翰原来的提议吧。342. I like to give the children what they want even if I have to go ___.孩子们想要的,我宁肯自己不要也要给他们。

343. It is ___ to go without food for a few days.几天不吃工具是可以的。344. The Internet, too, it goes without ___, is a good source of information.不用说因特网也是一个很好的信息泉源。345. ‘I can’t open this drawer,’ ‘Here, let me have a ___.’“这个抽屉我打不开。

”“来,让我试试看。”346. On the tour, everyone can have a go ___ making a pot.这次去观光,每小我私家都可以试做一个陶罐。

347. I’d thought about it for some time and decided to give ___ a go.这事我思量了一段时间,决议实验一下。348. I had a ___ go at cleaning the silver.我费了老大的劲清洁银器。

349. Ruby blew ___ all her candles at one go.鲁比一口吻吹灭了所有的蜡烛。350. I’m not sure it will work but ___ worth a go.我不知道这是否可行,可是值得一试。351. Whose go is it? It’s your ___. 轮到谁了?轮到你了。352. Can I have a go ___ your guitar?我能玩玩你的吉他吗?353. ___ I get a go?就没有我的时机吗?354. Nikki was determined to make a go ___ the business.尼基下刻意一定要把公司办乐成。

355. Many businesses are ___ hard to make a go of it.许多公司都在努力打拼,想干出一番名堂。356. ___ $3 a go, the cards are not cheap.这卡片3美元一张,未便宜。357. Even with three top films on the go, Michelle is ___ to talk about herself.虽然在忙着拍三部大片,米歇尔还是不愿意谈论自己。

358. He has at least two other projects ___ the go.他至少另有两个其他的项目在忙。359. Children are ___ on the go.小孩子总是闲不住。

360. The ___ to London is a go.伦敦之行敲定了。361. The hotel is ___ go for dogs.宾馆里不允许带狗进来。362. It’s all go ___ here.这里很忙。363. It’s all go in the commercial ___ market.商业地产市场很是活跃。

364. You’re always ___ a go.你总是在说人家的不是。365. Will you ___ having a go at me!你别说我了好欠好?366. Mum had a go at me for ___ doing my homework.妈妈因为我没有做家庭作业而数落我。367. A whole gang of yobs were standing around, ___ waiting to have a go.一帮野小子站在那里,就等着寻衅打架。

368. The public should not ___ encouraged to have a go.不应勉励民众自行抓坏人。369. There’s plenty of go ___ him yet.他依然精神充沛。

参考文献:朗文今世高级英语词典[M]. 北京:外语教学与研究出书社, PEARSON. 2014Key1 more 2 to 3 Germany 4 going 5 Canada 6 into 7 over 8 round 9 up 10 go 11 much 12 way 13 quicker 14 Go 15 to 16 crashing 17 flying 18 rushing 19 Are 20 rock 21 these 22 last 23 let’s 24 to 25 going 26 for 27 to 28 on 29 what 30 was 31 to 32 middle 33 around 34 bankrupt 35 mouldy 36 grey 37 crazy 38 wild 39 go 40 well 41 fine 42 way 43 cut 44 it 45 go 46 on 47 all 48 to 49 through 50 forced 51 unanswered 52 unnoticed 53 ready 54 going 55 on 56 isn’t 57 get 58 with 59 meant 60 bang 61 telling 62 gone 63 to 64 sat 65 left 66 corn 67 there 68 if 69 this 70 goes 71 captain’s 72 mark 73 jumping 74 yet 75 gone 76 starting 77 mind 78 in 79 gone 80 at 81 on 82 scattered 83 where 84 rent 85 for 86 bidder 87 which 88 any 89 to 90 so 91 fame 92 judge 93 at 94 spare 95 go 96 with 97 especially 98 dull 99 out 100 on 101 got 102 where 103 focus 104 embarrassed 105 place 106 to 107 merger 108 about 109 making 110 business 111 businesslike 112 unhurt 113 or 114 up 115 grain 116 scared 117 against 118 vote 119 ahead 120 anyway 121 ruled 122 No 123 right 124 catch 125 of 126 offer 127 making 128 formal 129 to 130 seem 131 with 132 risk 133 accusing 134 in 135 dose 136 bugs 137 affair 138 gossip 139 crowd 140 around 141 enough 142 head 143 at 144 with 145 wondering 146 away 147 for 148 to 149 on 150 Ignoring 151 ought 152 sick 153 for 154 once 155 that 156 to 157 back 158 way 159 own 160 made 161 word 162 sleep 163 watching 164 what 165 before 166 likely 167 beyond 168 limits 169 easier 170 worried 171 without 172 purposes 173 appearances 174 anything 175 rules 176 book 177 down 178 in 179 by 180 last 181 down 182 in 183 treat 184 lead 185 that 186 down 187 get 188 pub 189 when 190 call 191 rest 192 gone 193 landmark 194 history 195 down 196 by 197 to 198 division 199 lost 200 empty 201 chilly 202 for 203 who 204 with 205 for 206 for 207 it 208 the 209 full 210 tends 211 same 212 in 213 for 214 advertising 215 with 216 into 217 going 218 gone 219 runs 220 matter 221 details 222 drive 223 labor 224 liquidation 225 high 226 times 227 steep 228 on 229 as 230 off 231 bomb 232 over 233 over 234 alarm 235 set 236 coffee 237 cooking 238 heating 239 off 240 well 241 row 242 gone 243 when 244 talent 245 with 246 Who’s 247 on 248 unwell 249 for 250 a 251 on 252 what’s 253 while 254 resorts 255 surgeon 256 next 257 on 258 facing 259 pause 260 another 261 won’t 262 then 263 hunt 264 automatically 265 fond 266 nervous 267 on 268 wise 269 on 270 does 271 tired 272 on 273 fault 274 at 275 dress 276 about 277 with 278 out 279 on 280 drinking 281 play 282 get 283 out 284 with 285 together 286 out 287 live 288 to 289 in 290 nurses 291 years 292 ark 293 medicines 294 hearts 295 high 296 what 297 it 298 exactly 299 talk 300 over 301 computerized 302 talk 303 divorce 304 misery 305 process 306 stages 307 pints 308 off 309 through 310 thing 311 looking 312 Customs 313 on 314 check 315 though 316 to 317 lay 318 went 319 raised 320 abuse 321 towards 322 renovating 323 under 324 finally 325 coughing 326 fares 327 digest 328 by 329 on 330 was 331 left 332 flames 333 cheat 334 Scotland 335 het 336 performance 337 with 338 that 339 goes 340 Ill 341 original 342 without 343 possible 344 saying 345 go 346 at 347 it 348 good 349 out 350 it’s 351 go 352 on 353 Don’t 354 of 355 struggling 356 At 357 reluctant 358 on 359 always 360 trip 361 no 362 around 363 property 364 having 365 stop 367 not 368 be 369 in。









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